Evilyn13- alt model, fetish model, host, DJ

Evilyn13 is a Vancouver fashionista and an international alternative, cosplay, and fetish model – she is best known as one of the DJs at Sin City Fetish NightVancouver Fetish Weekend, and Kitty Nights Burlesque.

Evilyn13 has been involved in the burlesque scene as the saucy maid, or frilly panty-handler in the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival for several years, and has co-hosted two TFD Drag Race Parties, one of which featured season four RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Sharon Needles.

As a fetish model, she has graced the runways of New York’s Fetish Marathon, Seattle’s Strict Machine Anniversary Party, Montreal Fetish Weekend and the German Fetish Ball and has been published numerous times in magazines all over the world. She can not only be found on the runway, but also backstage coordinating fashion shows by Sin City’s parent production company Restricted Entertainment, where she herds models like cats and chases them on the runway wielding a crop. With multi-year DJ residencies and regular guest DJ spots all over the city, she is a fixture of the Vancouver alternative scene, both behind the decks and on the runway, .

One of Evilyn13’s favourite hobbies is travelling and attending events. Fetish fans may have seen her at Fetish Factory in Florida where she has DJ’d the pervy pool party, and pop culture enthusiasts might know her from the Ghostbusters of B.C., Power-Con in L.A., and the Unboxing Toy Convention in Mexico City where she was a featured guest, and fashionistas may have met her at Viva Las Vegas as one of the top 12 finalists in the pinup pageant. She has an outgoing, fun and adventurous personality, and she loves meeting people on her travels who share her interests and positive outlook.

A little more about Evilyn13…

Likes: Fashion, punk, retro style, impractical footwear, getting dressed up, salted caramel chocolates, Disney, bubble baths, seeing and experiencing new things

Dislikes: Pretty much just haters and people that chew too loud.

Hobbies: Vegan baking, hanging out at the beach, playing video games, travelling, finding new music to spin, going to concerts and dancing like a maniac.

Pets: Felix and Pablo – the French Bulldogs of destruction!

Favourite game: Grand Theft Auto V

Favourite TV show: RuPaul’s Drag Race

Favourite Book: The Dirt, by Motley Crüe

Favourite Comic: The Preacher series

Favourite superhero: Wonder Woman and Batman

Favourite supervillain: there are too many to list!

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