Vancouver DJ Evilyn13 spins at Sin City Fetish Night

Sin City Fetish Night is Vancouver’s premier fetish night, and throws some of the wildest parties in the city. Evilyn13 is their official spokesmodel, and if she isn’t out of town at another event, she’s guaranteed to be behind the decks, spinning electro, dance, alternative and pop. Check out their upcoming events on Fun Fact: Evilyn13 has been with Sin City since day one! She was originally their head coat check girl!

Vancouver DJ Evilyn13 spins at Kitty Nights Burlesque

Kitty Nights Burlesque began in New York City in 2006, and its Vancouver sister opened in 2008. The show features a rotating lineup of local and international talent, with different party themes every week. Evilyn13 is their resident DJ, and spins pop, 80s, and alternative music at the after show dance party. Learn more at Fun Fact: Evilyn13 isn’t a burlesque dancer, but on occasion, she’s been their sexy maid and panty picker-upper!

Other Regular DJ Gigs

  • MadHaüs  The first Saturday of the month at The Hindenburg. Featuring goth, new wave, 80s, electro, alternative, and industrial music. 23 West Cordova, Vancouver, BC.
  • Glam Trash  Pop up club nights around Vancouver, BC, featuring electro, dance, alternative, and more. Check out for upcoming events!

Past DJing Events

  • Fetish Factory  2014 – 2017 • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Vancouver Tattoo & Culture Show  2014 – 2017 • Vancouver, BC
  • Vancouver Fetish Weekend  2013 – 2018 • Vancouver, BC
  • FanExpo Official Afterparty  2014 & 2017 • Vancouver, BC
  • Rock N Roll Highschool  weekly, multi-year residency • Vancouver, BC
  • Sanctuary  rotating guest DJ • Vancouver, BC

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